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About Feve


In the kitchen, Feve creates flavors and textures like no other chocolatier. Founded in San Francisco over a decade ago, we create innovative and sustainable chocolate confections that offer a unique artistic and transformative culinary experience. Shawn Williams, our Founder and Executive Chocolatier, is one of the most experienced professionals in the trade. With his passion for chocolate and his years of experience as an Admiral’s chef in the Navy, pastry chef at Michelin-starred La Folie, and apprentice to noted Chocolatier Ewald Notter, Feve started humbly over 10 years ago – with big dreams and few investment dollars.

As word spread, Feve’s confections gained a strong following and growing fan base in some of the finest restaurants, hotels and specialty grocers in the U.S. Feve now offers a broad range of chocolate confections through wholesale, retail and online channels including traditional and modern truffles (bonbons), chocolate-covered nuts, handmade pralines, and other artistic treats. Feve’s products combine the highest-quality ingredients with elements of fine art to produce distinctive expressions of exceptional taste with every bite.


Located in San Francisco, California, we are an artisan chocolate and confection company that sets itself apart not only by high-quality ingredients, unique flavor combinations, and stunning visual appearances – but also by our social mission. At Feve, we believe in embracing the opportunities and advantages we’ve been given by reaching out and sharing them with the farmers who grow cacao beans, or Feve. As a result, we have made many sustainable choices for our business.

We purchase only premium, non-GMO quality chocolate from suppliers that specifically work with cacao farmers who are paid fairly and significantly more for their product than is set by Fair Trade organizations. In addition, we give a portion of our net profit as micro-loans to improve the lives of farmers involved in the cocoa trade. Shawn personally experienced the benefits of micro-financing when he started Feve. Through a micro-loan from Kiva, he was able to purchase a stove to make our now signature sea salt caramels and caramelized, chocolate-covered nuts.


Feve is a three-time winner of the Good Food Awards®, granted to American food producers who make the kind of food we all want to eat:  tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.  The Good Food Awards Seal, found on winning products, assures consumers they have found something exceptionally delicious which also supports sustainability and social good.

Good Food Award, SFMade