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Our Unique Feve Chocolate Flavors


gourmet chocolate truffle, almond hazelnut crunch

Almond Hazelnut Crunch

Crunchy, handmade nut praline with the perfect blend of almonds and hazelnuts. 



gourmet chocolate truffle, almond lemon crunch 

    Almond Lemon Crunch

    Crunchy, caramelized almond praline with zesty lemon coated in dark chocolate.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, banana caramel

    Banana Caramel

    A silky truffle with oven-roasted bananas, caramel and vanilla beans.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, banana coffee crunch

    Banana Coffee Crunch

    Milk chocolate truffle with bananas, coffee and crunchy hazelnut praline.



     Feve Banana Dulcey Rum Truffle

    Banana Dulcey Rum

    A smooth, exotic truffle made with caramelized bananas, a dulcey chocolate center, and a hint of rum.



     gourmet chocolate truffle, blackberry


    Blackberry liquor-infused dark chocolate ganache in dark chocolate.




    gourmet chocolate truffle, black sesame matcha

    Black Sesame Matcha

    Caramelized sesame praline layered with a smooth, creamy toasted matcha truffle.



     Blood Orange Anise Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Blood Orange Anise   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Sweet blood orange and dark chocolate blended with mild, aromatic anise and a touch of Grand Marnier, shelled in dark chocolate with naturally-derived cocoa butter color.



    Blueberry Crumble Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Blueberry Crumble   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Housemade blueberry jam over an almond praline filling with smooth dark chocolate and savory cinnamon.


    Feve Brown Butter Vanilla Chocolate Truffle

    Brown Butter Vanilla   

    Delicious golden brown butter with hints of toasted nuts in a caramelized milk and dark chocolate ganache.



     gourmet chocolate truffle, cabernet


    A blended dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with a full-bodied California Cabernet.


     Feve Cappuccino Chocolate Truffle


    Silky cream steeped with freshly-ground coffee beans and emulsified into milk and dark chocolate, in a milk chocolate shell.  



    gourmet chocolate truffle, carmelia 


    Caramelized milk chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with a touch of grey sea salt.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, cardamom vanilla almond

    Cardamom Vanilla Almond

    Cardamon-infused ganache with vanilla and an almond top.



    Cherry Pistachio Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Cherry Pistachio   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Bright cherry pâte de fruit on top of a pistachio praline with bittersweet dark chocolate, and finished with crushed pistachios.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, cherry vanilla

    Cherry Vanilla

    Smooth, creamy vanilla truffle layered with tart cherry jam.




    Coconut Dark Truffle

    Smooth, creamy dark chocolate truffle layered with exotic coconut gianduja.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, custom truffles

    Custom Truffles

    A custom-transfer of your company or product logo onto any of our flat-topped truffles.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, dark and stormy

    Dark and Stormy

    A spicy, exotic ginger truffle with a trace of rum in a lime-infused creamy dark chocolate ganache.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, earl grey

    Earl Grey

    Dark chocolate truffle infused with earl grey tea and orange flower.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, exotic


    Dark chocolate and vanilla bean ganache layered with exotic fruit gelee.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, gin and tonic

    Gin and Tonic

    White chocolate truffle with small batch local gin, hints of lime and coriander.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, ginger


    Smooth dark truffle made with fresh ginger and local wildflower honey.




    Hazelnut Mocha Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Hazelnut Mocha   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Luscious 62% dark chocolate and creamy hazelnuts steeped in crushed coffee and topped with a roasted coffee bean.



    hazelnut noir

    Hazelnut Noir

    Dark-roasted caramelized hazelnut praline, with dark chocolate and crispy feuilletine.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, honey lavender

    Honey Lavender

    A dark chocolate truffle infused with lavender and local wildflower honey.



     Feve Horchata Chocolate Truffle


    Steeped rice cream and white chocolate infused with butter, vanilla and cinnamon, encased in silky milk chocolate.  



    gourmet chocolate truffle, bailey's irish cream

    Irish Cream

    Coffee-infused truffle blended with Irish cream and a hint of barrel-aged bourbon.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, jamaican rum

    Jamaican Rum

    Mature dark rum ganache with rich caramel undertones.



     Feve Karl The Fog Chocolate Truffle

    Karl the Fog

    A salute to our locally famous, perennial San Francisco fog!  Cream steeped in lavender and earl grey tea, with a dulcey chocolate filling and surrounded by a luscious dark chocolate shell.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, key lime


    A tart, refreshing lime truffle encased in a shell of fine dark chocolate.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, limoncello


    A smooth, creamy and refreshing lemon truffle encased in premium white chocolate.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, mango ginger

    Mango Ginger

    A sumptuous, smooth dark chocolate truffle infused with ginger and layered with house-made mango passion jam.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, mango lime

    Mango Lime

    A smooth and tangy mango and lime truffle bursting with refreshing exotic tropical flavor.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, maple


    Blond dulcey chocolate ganache with real maple syrup, encased in a milk chocolate shell.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, mexican vanilla

    Mexican Vanilla

    Smooth dark truffle infused with Mexican vanilla beans.



     Feve Meyer Lemon Chocolate Truffle

    Meyer Lemon

    Puréed meyer lemon and premium white chocolate with hints of honeysuckle in a white chocolate shell.


    gourmet chocolate truffle, olive oil lemon

    Olive Oil Lemon

    Creamy, white chocolate truffle blended with fruity arbequina olive oil and hints of lemon zest.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, passion fruit

    Passion Fruit

    Bright, clean passion fruit flavor encased in a shell of dark chocolate.



    Passion Fruit Caramel Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Passion Fruit Caramel   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    A flavorful passion fruit-based caramel encased in 62% dark chocolate with a natural cocoa butter colored shell.



    Peach Pecan Gingersnap Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Peach Pecan Gingersnap   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    A blood peach pâte de fruit layer over a pecan nut praline containing dark chocolate, dry caramel, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.  


    gourmet chocolate truffle, peanut butter crunch

    Peanut Butter Crunch

    Caramelized, hand-made peanut praline with crispy French wafer and fine sea salt.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, peppermint dark

    Peppermint Dark

    A seasonally-inspired truffle with pure peppermint oil infused in a premium dark chocolate ganache.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, pistachio raspberry dulce

    Pistachio Raspberry Dulce

    Crunchy pistachio praline layered with our own raspberry jam, caramelized white chocolate, and cinnamon.



    Pistachio Rosemary

    Rosemary-infused dark roasted caramel, layered with crunchy pistachio praline.  A Good Food Award winner.


     Feve Pomegranate Chocolate Truffle


    Real pomegranate fruit with a bit of sweetness in a creamy, dark chocolate filling and shell.



    Raspberry Dark Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Raspberry Dark   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Sweet raspberries blended with smooth dark chocolate from Ghana, with a hint of crème de mûre and topped with a pinch of real raspberry crumbles.


    gourmet chocolate truffle, raspberry lemon coconut

    Raspberry Lemon Coconut

    Creamy lemon coconut truffle layered with fresh raspberry jam and encased in a crunchy coconut bottom layer.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, raspberry lychee

    Raspberry Lychee

    Refreshing raspberry fruit gelee layered with smooth dark chocolate lychee.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, salted caramel

    Salted Caramel

    Smooth, soft and buttery dark-roasted caramel with hints of vanilla and savory Maldon sea salt.  A Feve signature truffle.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, sesame vanilla

    Sesame Vanilla

    A smooth, creamy vanilla bean truffle layered with crunchy sesame praline.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, single origin dominican republic

    Single Origin Dominican Republic

    Smooth dark truffle made with single origin cacao from Dominican Republic.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, spiced caramel

    Spiced Caramel

    Buttery caramel infused with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger in a luscious dark chocolate shell.



    Spicy Coconut Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Spicy Coconut   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Real coconut and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of savory chili, topped with coconut flakes.


    gourmet chocolate truffle, strawberry lemon

    Strawberry Lemon

    Smooth, creamy strawberry truffle with pomegranate molasses and fresh lemon zest.


     Feve Ube Chocolate Truffle


    Purple sweet potato in cream and white chocolate, surrounded by a delectable dark chocolate shell.

    gourmet chocolate truffle, vegan truffle, passion fruit coconut caramel

    Vegan Coconut Caramel   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Smooth, buttery caramel made with coconut and refreshing lime.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, wild thing

    Wild Thing

    A creamy orange truffle layered with almond coriander praline.



    gourmet chocolate truffle, yuzu


    Intense lemon flavor balanced by a buttery white ganache made from Japanese citrus fruit.


    Yuzu Caramel Truffle, Feve Chocolates

    Yuzu Caramel   Plant Based Chocolate Truffle

    Sweet, tangy caramel made with pure yuzu juice and rich coconut puree, shelled in dark chocolate and finished with naturally-derived colored cocoa butter.